Sunday, January 3, 2010

Paradise on Earth Gulmarg

A Few places have inspired me as much as Gulmarg, as soon as i saw gulmarg i felt, god as created such beautiful places on this earth, and i am lucky enough to see it, and felt one has to see it in life to experience its beauty, otherwise is life will be useless. The land of eternal beauty, its much more than a swizterland.

After a failed solo attempt to Gulmarg on the newyear's eve, finally i got only one company, who had enough courage to come with me to Gulmarg, bcoz of the militancy in kashmir many of our friends were relectunant to come to kashmir.

Day1:- We headed out to jammu on bus, left delhi around 9.00 pm and reached jammu at around 11.00 am, and found that the traffic was one way that day from srinagar to jammu, tommorow was our turn from jammu to srinagar, and we spent the time in seeing jammu that day and finally boarded the bus from jammu, while we at in the bus, people around us were talking in unfamiliar lanugage, which only brought the thought in my mind that all of them might be terrorists, and i dont know my plight by morning, soon they started asking us in hindi, from where we were going and why,

Day2:- It was morning still we had not crossed the Jawahar tunnel, it was mid Feb and it was a sunny day, i was not optimistic about finding the snow in Gulmarg as it was sunny here, and finally we entered the jawhar tunnel heavily gaurded by the army personal, the tunnel itself is a great delight to see, bcoz it is one of the longest tunnelt at 2.5 km, the only route to enter kashmir valley, as soon as we crossed the Jawahar tunnel, the whole atmosphere, weather changed, there was no trace of sun, it was some snow on the outskirts of tunnel, and it totally cold over there with mist, this big mountain seperates the kashmir valley from rest of the india this is the reason why it is so cold over there, all along the way we some wonderful scenery, as i was winter with the trees shedding there leaves, it was again the start of the planes, and reached srinigar at 1.00 pm and as our destination target was Gulmarg not srinigar we went directly to Gulmarg instead of seeing Srinagar, we were already lagging behind by one day bcoz of the route problem in jammu, and the bus got delayed even more, and while on the way to gulmarg, it was just a plain road from srinagar, unlike manali where we travel fro almost 250 kms in the mountains after chandigarh, here while travelling i saw a huge fog on the road, and it was just totaly a hughe mountain of fog with nothing visible but just fog, slowly we starte climbing gradually and it was snowing midway, after going still above out sumo got a complete 270 degree turn while taking one of the cureves and everyone was frightned if it had slipped downward evryone would have been down, but i was totally exicted by the snowfall and beauty around and was taking pictures and then everyone was scolded that u were about to die and ur taking pictures there. we reached gulmarg by 4.00 pm finally, and i was spell bound by seeing the beauty there, where ever u see there snow snow and snow in all four directions, it was covered by white blanket and its not possible to open ur eyes without a sunglass, with vehicales stranded there bcoz of heavy snow, hotel doors locked up due to heavy snow, and just took a while to enjoy the beauty of Gulmarg and was thinking so many things in mind after seeing this place, we booked a hotel room and went out for skying.

The temperature was the coldest i have ever seen, colder than manli, and it goes till -15 to -20 during night and all water streams and nallahs are freezed in night.

Day3:- Next morning we had our brekfast and headed to the Gondola cable car,we get to see some wonderful scenery, Gulmarg has the highest Gondola cable car in the world and longest in asia it takes to a height of more than 4390 mts to apharvat peak, to see the beauty from this place either u have to take a helicopter or an exterme mountaineer to go to that height in this winter, and temperature is chilling cold over there. we took some snaps there and headed downwards to base.

Today again we started doing skying till the evening and enjoyed the skying in the wonderfull slopes of gulmarg, i was almost learning to run from uphill to downhill without falling and it was a joy to be remembered for a year. once u learn skying u will become addicted to it. we headed towards srinigar that evening, and finally landed at srinigar in the night to find out that there are no buses to jammu for next 36 hrs and were forced to stay in a hotel, instead we choosed a houseboat which was a wonderful experience. house boats are a novelty of Kashmir, it is floating boat with rooms, made famous lately the famous serial "Gul,Gulshan,Gulfam" in DD.

Day4:- we had a local sight seeing of srinigar in the Dal Lake had a shikara ride, and did water skying, in Dal lake, and went to some gargens, and headed back to Jammu, while returning we also saw some of the spectcaular views of the kashmir valley and some memories to remember for a life time, the answer for the question is there a paradise on Earth, Yes it is Kashmir.

Best time to visit:-
Jan to Feb for skiing to see winter season, Remember it is chilling cold in this time, u need to be equiped with the best equipment.

May to july :- To see the lush green meadows and flowers in Kashmir, in full bloom.

Srinigar distance from delhi :- around 900 kms, by road it takes a minimum of 24 hrs.

Note:- Get information about the Current Situation in Kashmir before going there.

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